Mount Vision, New York

Here's a picture of my home station as of June, 2006.

Things have changed a bit since I last updated this picture. I still have my Orion (now an Orion I) and love it. I also have expanded my Elecraft K2 by adding the KPA100 100 watt amplifer and KAT100 antenna tuner. Also pictured are the K1 I built about 5 years ago and a KX1 tiny 4-band transceiver with a paddle made by Elecraft for it. The KX1 has the antenna tuner option and, of course, runs on internal batteries. It covers the same bands as my old Heathkit HW-8 but it's about one-tenth the size.

The rest of the equipment is still in the basement along with the workbench. It consists of a Corsair I, Triton II and IV, Century 21, an Argosy 525 (with some mods), Argonaut 509, a PM-2 and PM-3a and a T-kit transceiver for 30 meters, all Ten-Tecs. There is some stuff left over from my novice days, most notably a Drake 2B and 2BQ and a Lafayette KT-390 transmitter (a Heath DX-60 clone), but it pretty much sits on the shelf. The only news on the hollow state rig front is that I recently acquired an Eico 730 modulator to recreate my early station. (Oh boy, AM!) If I had but the time....

More breaking news if I can't fix it...